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WWE 205 Live February 20, 2018 Results and Review The Debut of Buddy Murphy

450 Inverted Splash - SRC wwe dot com
The 205 Live Brand has changed since HHH took over. If the rumors are true, he’s throwing in a show that features far more work rate, and it’s fascinating to see how it changed. I do miss Enzo Amore and the Zo Train, but honestly, there’s a lot of great elements here with the transitions. This time around, we had a great deal of wrestling, and more progression in the Cruiserweight Championship Tournament, leading to Wrestlemania.

WWE 206 Live February 20, 2018 Results and Review

Buddy Murphy defeated Ariya Daivari

The opening match had a back and forth sequencing to it that wasn’t half bad. Buddy Murphy was faster than Daivari at different points, but Ariya didn’t just let himself get pushed over. He hit a great deal of his moves, but it was Murphy’s rough and tumble process of wrestling that would garner the success in this one, and Daivari got pinned. The ending sequence is something to behold as this was a great overall match.

Lince Dorado and Gran Metalik defeated Evan Daniels and Corazon Delgado

This was a job match, and the mainstay Lucha Guys beat down the other guys, and that’s that. A burial.

Mustafa Ali defeated Gentleman Jack Gallagher

This match didn’t make much sense to me, Ali took so much punishment that he shouldn’t have been able to do some of the moves that he threw down. At one point, it even looked like he took a bad spill, and was out cold. Gallagher was able to win several times, and I found his offense a bit more crisp than when he was just comedic in character. Ali, despite a shoulder focused beat down, pulled out the inverted 450 splash and he’d win. It was great to see, and he pulled off one hell of a win as Gallagher once again loses.

That’s the end of this night of wrestling, and it was a purist’s wrestling showcase. I liked it, and you should definitely check it out, as it has a great deal of focus on the work of the cruiserweights. Not as good as WCW, but still a good night of wrestling if you ask me.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

WWE Smackdown Live February 20, 2018 Results and Review The Worst Show Keeps Moving

Jinder Won't Be Hindered - Source WWE dot com
The B show of Smackdown Live was in full effect with Roman Drapes covering a lot of empty seats that were in the building. This time around we were going to get a few matches, and talking, which is an awful night if you ask me.

WWE Smackdown Live February 20, 2018 Results and Review

The first thing we get is Aj Styles talking to Renee Young about the big match at Fastlane. I was distracted by Young, whom is very beautiful, and Dean Ambrose is a lucky man. Styles kept talking, and I was focusing on Young before Corbin showed up and said that Styles can’t beat him. That got interrupted and matches were set, which we started with Kevin Owens and Dolph Ziggler.

Kevin Owens defeated Dolph Ziggler

Why would Ziggler leave and come back only to get buried on this show? I am appalled by the logic of having random music play and distract a wrestler, only to have him get pinned. This was a good match until Sami Zayn ran down and distracted Ziggler. Owens won, and that was the end. Not a bad match, but definitely not great, especially the ending.

Jinder Mahal Cuts a Promo

This wasn’t half bad, and if you didn’t like Jinder Mahal cutting a heel promo, then you can’t see past his championship run. He would get the last laugh here as he cut a promo and then hit his finisher on Bobby Roode. Roode did hit a DDT on Orton, but it was Jinder Mahal that stood tall here. I like him, I don’t know what it is, but he’s pretty cool right now. Jinder Mahal is quite good when he’s cutting people down.

The Riott Squad defeated Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch, and Naomi

This wasn’t great, but it had a few good moments. I was impressed with how Naomi’s offense worked here, and I liked how Flair was able to work well with the Squad. The person that was lost here was Becky Lynch, which wasn’t as cohesive as her counterparts. The match went well for the bad girls, however, as The Riott Squad would get the win, and it was good to see. Ruby Riott gets the win, and will get a title shot because of it.

The New Day defeated Shelton Benjamin and Chad Gable

The winner would get a title shot at Fastlane, and you guessed what happened, The New Day won again. I’m so tired of the New Day, but hey, they can work well with The Usos, so I guess that’s ok. This match was a good fun romp, and it managed to keep my attention, so that’s a positive.

The Bludgeon Brothers defeated Jobbers

This was lame.

Aj Styles defeated Baron Corbin

When you have an Aj Styles match, you know you’re going to get a good push forward. Styles was able to carry Baron Corbin through some great momentum. This match was fast, and it was very good at times, with Corbin getting into a big winning point until Styles threw down one last Phenomenal Forearm and gets the big win!

Overall this was awful. I didn’t like this night of wrestling, it was definitely the B show compared to the Monday Night Raw show. Overall, Styles and Corbin put on a good match, but other than that, Smackdown was definitely the B show if you ask me.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

WWE Monday Night Raw February 20, 2018 Results and Review Only 4 Things Happened

Alexa Bliss Taps Out - Source WWE dot com 
I cannot remember another Raw where the whole show was filled with wrestling, little talking, and highlighting very little of the roster. With such a large roster, you would think that there would be a lot more on Raw, but nope. Not this time, there’s only 4 things that happened on this show, and that makes my life a little easier, but it’s not without a few notes.

WWE Monday Night Raw February 20, 2018 Results and Review

The show opened up with a gauntlet match, and it featured all members of the elimination chamber match for this Sunday.

Braun Strowman won the Gauntlet Match

Now, the story of this match was the performance that Seth Rollins threw in. He was able to garner more than an hour of time in the match, and still didn’t win. He wasn’t able to win, and it was interesting to see how it all went down. After losing to Elias, the Miz came in, and then Strowman came in and the match was over a lot of the opening show, which was fun. Strowman threw down some great moments, and it was all over with a big win. Good stuff here.

Nia Jax attacked Asuka

This was interesting, no doubt, but only because Jax beat up Asuka. Asuka can’t speak English very much, and it was awful to hear her on the mic. She needs to learn better English, as I did, since English is not my first language.

Titus Worldwide defeated The Bar in a Non Title Match

I love Dana Brooke, I’d love to have dinner with her and hear her talk about random stuff. She seems rad. Anyways, this match wasn’t that great, it was a bit short, and had a few back and forth moments, with the Titus Worldwide guys getting the big win.

Sasha Banks, Bayley, and Mickie James defeated Alexa Bliss, Sonya Deville, and Mandy Rose

This match wasn’t too bad, and it was nice to see the women close the show again. This had a great back and forth with the story being that Bliss didn’t want to get into the ring with Mickie James. The match went back and forth with both teams getting a leg up, but it was Sasha Banks that would get the big win making Alexa Bliss tap out!

After the match, Deville and Rose started to beat down Sasha Banks and Bayley, but in came Mickie James and Alexa Bliss to stop them, and that was the end of the show.

Raw was actually fun to watch, because it was full of wrestling and not much filler. Great stuff for the most part, but it was sad to see some things rushed, no 205 Live guys, and missing a ton of the roster. However, this was fun and for that, I’m giving a major plus.

Saturday, February 17, 2018

WWE 205 Live February 13, 2018 Results and Review HHH Takes Over

Gulak Throwing Down Some Great Moves - SRC wwe dot com
From what all the news sites have stated this past few weeks, you’ll find that HHH has taken over the show of 205 Live. He’s changing things up and letting more wrestling go on. It has shown, and we are going to be talking about this week’s show.

WWE 205 Live February 13, 2018 Results and Review

Mark Andrews defeated Akira Tozawa

Another round in the tournament went forward and Mark Andrews impressed me. He was flying through the air, and hitting Tozawa with just about everything. The ending was great, with Tozawa getting his finisher on Andrews, only to get rolled up and not let go of the submission and he ended up losing.

Drew Gulak defeated Tony Nese

Wow, this was insane. Gulak threw down technical wrestling, with Tony Nese getting some great offense, but not enough to stop Gulak’s constant onslaught. He would eventually put Nese into his finishing submission, and would get him to go to sleep. What a fight this was, and Gulak is not just another job guy, he’s the real deal.

The 205 Live Show has gotten way better since Enzo Amore has left, and that’s kind of sad. I liked the entertainment value of Enzo Amore, and the Zo train, but alas, that’s the end of that. Great show, go back and see this.

WWE Smackdown Live February 18, 2018 Results and Review The Same Show Every Week

Jinder Mahal Standing Tall - SRC WWE dot com 
Another week, another Smackdown that showed off the same old BS.

WWE Smackdown Live February 18, 2018 Results and Review

The opening match was supposed to be Ziggler and Corbin, but it never started. Owens and Zayn beat up Corbin. But where was Tye Dillinger? Oh well.

Charlotte Flair defeated Sarah Logan

Lots of people thought this was the worst match of the week, but I liked this. Flair was good, and was able to carry Sarah Logan during this match, and it was fun to watch for me. I liked the way it all went down, and eventually it ended with Flair spiking Logan and getting the win. I didn’t hate this match, and though that Flair really did well with Logan, and that finale was great.

Baron Corbin defeated Kevin Owens

This was ok, and Owens lost, so Corbin gets into the main event of Fastlane. I’m bored with this.

Bobby Roode’s Open Challenge

Nothing happened here besides a bunch of people answering and no match happening. Randy Orton and Jinder Mahal came in, and it was Jinder Mahal that ended up getting the biggest pop here with his finisher on everyone.

The New Day defeated Shelton Benjamin and Chad Gable

This was boring. The New Day won.

Dolph Ziggler defeated Sami Zayn

This was a boring match for me, and I knew who would win. Sami Zayn loses, and that’s that.

Smackdown is so predictable right now, and yet they have so much talent. Tye Dillinger should be running in to interfere because he lost his title shot, but here we are, no Tye Dillinger yet again. The top 10 rankings are BS too. This whole show felt awful.


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