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WWE Hell In A Cell 2017 Results and Review The Big Leap From Shane

Shane Is Better Than Most of The Roster - Src wwe dot com
WWE Hell In A Cell 2017 Results came through Detroit, Michigan and there was not a lot of fanfare from me at first, but as the night wore on, I really got into the event and was hoping for great things. There were some dry spots, but overall, there were some good moments to discuss, so let’s go forward with the review of last night’s epic pay per view.

WWE Hell In A Cell 2017 Results and Review

Chad Gable and Shelton Benjamin defeated The Hype Bros

Well this is the end of the Hype Bros. Gable and Benjamin work like well oiled machines. The Hype Bros were just not in sync and it showed, and they ended up giving up some mistakes and losing this match. Gable and Benjamin are quite good, and it’ll be interesting to see how far they go, before they break up of course.

The Usos defeated The New Day in a Hell in the Cell Tag Title Match

Well, you’re not going to get a better match in the WWE than these guys beating the holy hell out of each other. This was brutal, on all levels. The four guys threw together a great match, and they kept beating the crap out of each other until The Usos took out hand cuffs and beat down Big E and Xavier. They landed stereo USO splashes with a chair on top of a New Day member and boom, they are the new champions. This was a great match, no complaints at all.

Randy Orton defeated Rusev

The burial of Rusev continues. Nothing to see here, kind of a boring match.

Baron Corbin defeated Aj Styles and Tye Dillinger

This was a 5 star match in my view. Dillinger put on a show and really made this match great. Styles was being thrown around a lot, but he threw down some great offense in his defeat, but it was Corbin that was able to get the win after knocking out Styles from the ring, and scooping up Tye Dillinger for his first major title.

Charlotte Flair defeated Natalya VIA DQ

This was bad. Flair ended up getting injured at one point, and it was bad. It was just awful, I can’t attest to this match being anything but boring, and a way to write off Flair from the show.

The Fashion Files

The fashion files are boring, sorry. This was lame.

Jinder Mahal defeated Nakamura

Well, the WWE Champion, the modern day MAJARAJA once again beat Nakamura in this title match. He did it clean too, as the Singh brothers were thrown out of the ringside area, and Jinder threw down his finisher for Nakamura to get buried. So much for sticks and stones eh?

Bobby Roode defeated Dolph Ziggler

A roll up. That’s it, a freakin roll up finish. Ugh.

Kevin Owens defeated Shane McMahon In A Hell In The Cell Match

This was nearly 40 minutes long and it was insane. This was a war. McMahon threw everything but the kitchen sink at Owens, and McMahon even jumped off the cage. The big story here was that Sami Zayn helped save Owens from his doom, as he pulled Owens from getting hit by McMahon. That was that, the end. This was one hell of a match, no pun intended.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

WWE 205 Live October 3, 2017 Results and Review The Enzo Show Continues

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The last time I checked into 205 Live, the show wasn’t that fun to watch, and admittedly, it’s not that great, but there are a few notes to consider. I have found myself fully enjoying the show, at least this week, even though the crowd was quiet. Here is my take on it, as I saw the full show this week, thanks to the network.

WWE 205 Live October 3, 2017 Results and Review

The show opened up with Enzo Amore running down the roster, and again going all heel. I like him as a heel here, and I still think he’s way over. A good talker will always be over in the WWE versus pure work rate, guaranteed.

Kalisto defeated Ariya Daivari

Wow, these guys put on a great match. Daivari has greatly improved since the last I saw him, and he throws down an amazing set of offensive moves. I loved how he dove off the top with a giant splash, getting some insane air, and Kalisto fits in well with these guys. He’s so good, when he’s not cutting bad promos and getting mad at himself. Kalisto won with his finisher, and Daivari just didn’t get the win, but what a good match overall.

Mustafa Ali defeated Drew Gulak

Gulak’s mic skills are great, and he was fighting to stop certain things on 205 Live as well as running down Tozawa. Mustafa Ali is amazing, and in this match he was completely great against Gulak, as the two work well together. There was a yin and yang to this match that you have to see to really enjoy, as it was a great transitional back and forth. Ali would eventually get the win, but not with Gulak throwing down some great offense.

Jack Gallagher defeated Cedric Alexander via DQ

This was an interesting match as Gallagher is now heel and he was wearing full clothing. He wasn’t in his trunks. Alexander beat the snot out of him, and got himself disqualified as a result. This was a nice hard hitting match, but it needed a stipulation, oh well.

That’s it, that’s the best wrestling show that WWE is throwing out right now, guaranteed. I loved it. Maybe you loved it too.

WWE Smackdown Live October 3, 2017 Results and Review This Is The B Show

How Can Kevin Owens Still Be Fat? - SRC wwe dot com 
Live from Denver, Colorado the B show has finally begun to be that lack luster. I kid you not. This thing was a heaping pile of dog…never mind. This is probably one of the worst shows that WWE has thrown together in a while, and there’s a lot of reasons why, but let’s talk about what went down.

WWE Smackdown Live October 3, 2017 Results and Review

Jinder mahal beat up Shinsuke Nakamura

Nakamura is horrendous on the mic. He doesn’t speak English well, and it’s forcing him to push out an element he doesn’t need. Give him a mouth piece, or have him stay quiet like Muta. If you don’t know who Muta is, then you’re too young for this site, I think. Jinder Mahal showed up and beat up Nakamura, but Nakamura fought the Singh Brothers etc, but the numbers game was too much. I liked this, and I hope Jinder Mahal keeps the title. I like his shirt.

Natalya and Carmella defeated Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch

The divas revolution? Eh? This was a short match that only served to further the heels getting wins. Flair and Lynch are wasted talents in this match, and are nothing but punching bags for the champion and the money in the bank briefcase holder. It’s cool that James Ellsworth still has a job though, what a way to make a living.

Bobby Roode defeated Mike Kanellis

Well, well, Roode buries the new guy. Not bad. Not good, but rather, Terrible. Dolph Ziggler came out to bother Roode, but meh, this was dumb.

The Usos Cut A Promo

I like The Usos but they are going to lose this weekend. The New Day has numbers, and that’s it.

Tye Dillinger defeated Baron Corbin

This was a boring match and a waste of Tye Dillinger’s talent. He wins with a distraction roll up and that’s it. He walks away, and that’s the end. Corbin has an Aj Styles promo cut on him, and all I can think of is the sound byte where he says, “Gay People?”.

Cancer Survivors Partnership

I won’t talk bad about this.

Randy Orton defeated Aiden English

Another burial folks, there’s nothing to this, just burying people for the sake of it. Oh well. RKO and the win.

Kevin Owens Beat Up Shane McMahon

Kevin Owens beat up Shane McMahon in the lobby of the arena, throwing him threw a table. Then when Shane came back down to the ring, Kevin Owens beat him up some more. That’s it. End of show.

This was an abysmal show of burials, and lackluster matches. This felt like it was 3 hours long, but honestly, it wasn’t. It’s a lackluster show and definitely the B squad of the WWE right now. This was bad. Just all around bad.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

WWE Monday Night Raw October 2, 2017 Results and Review The Enzo Ending Again

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WWE Monday Night Raw once again proved to be a show that you could miss. I for sure didn’t watch to watch it, and was slapping myself like I was Dean Ambrose to try and wake up because this thing was not that fun to watch. It felt like it was 4 hours long to be honest.

WWE Monday Night Raw October 2, 2017 Results and Review HULU EDITION

As you already know, I watch the HULU edition of the show and I wanted to bang my head against the wall because it was that bad. Don’t believe me? Let’s discuss it.

Brawn Strowman defeated Seth Rollins

Strowman won clean. This was a hard fought battle for Rollins, but he didn’t win this one, and Strowman won 100% clean. He’s now buried the tag champs. Why are they making him out to be so hardcore, if it only took one F5 to bury him at the last PPV against Lesnar? He wins, but this was a fun match to watch, and Rollins is very quick, I’m impressed.

Elias defeated Titus O’Neil

This was not on HULU.

Mickie James defeated Nia Jax via Disqualification

This was not half bad, James was able to put the boots to Jax, but Jax seemed to be poised to win. That is until Alexa Bliss jumped in and saved her. I love Alexa Bliss, and she’s just awesome here, and is the most over women’s wrestler in the WWE, at least on Raw. This was an ok match, but I don’t like that they are redoing the PIGGY JAMES thing only that James is older. Sigh.

The Club Sandwich Boys defeated Matt Hardy and Jason Jordan

This wasn’t shown on HULU.

Dana Warrior presented Belts to Breast Cancer Patients

This was shown on HULU, and I am not going to say something bad about it.

Roman Reigns defeated The Miz via Diqualification

Roman Reigns got an intercontinental title match and wasn’t able to pull a win. Before the match, he beat the holy hell out of the Miztourage. He got a chair and went to town on both guys, leaving The Miz alone in the ring, but that wasn’t enough, because they would come back and beat the guy down.

Bray Wyatt addressed Finn Balor

Another Wyatt Promo? Ugh.

Bayley and Sasha Banks defeated Emma and Alicia Fox

I miss when Noam Dar would say Alicia Fox’s name. This match wasn’t shown on HULU, at least I don’t think it was, I fell asleep at one point.

Kalisto Came Out To Fight Enzo Amore

Since Enzo cut another ending promo, Kalisto came out and will challenge him to fight for the title. Sigh.

Oh and the ending had the Shield members kind of reunite.

What a lousy week of programming from the WWE. These guys are the number one company? They put out less and less wrestling, and more and more filler. This was a horrible night of wrestling, and I can’t wait to not have to watch anything like this, because they truly don’t know how to put on a wrestling show any longer. So many holes, so many boredom movements. Sigh. I’m done with Raw for now. You can’t possibly have liked this terrible showing.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

WWE Monday Night Raw September 25, 2017 Results and Review The Enzo Amore Show

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Just when you thought I went to sleep instead of watching Monday Night Raw, I’m back with another review. This time around we’re going to be looking back at the September 25, 2017 show that had the Bullet Club invading the WWE. Actually, they just stood outside and tried to get attention. This wasn’t nearly as big as what the WWE did to WCW, and comparisons to that are stupid, because ROH and other companies aren’t nearly as big as WWE or WCW for that matter.

The show was live from Ontario, California, just a stones throw away from what I used to live, and it was heated. The venue isn’t that big, so there were probably no empty seats. The show kicked off nicely, and put things into high gear, at least for the HULU version, which is what I’m going to be discussing here.

WWE Monday Night Raw September 25, 2017 Results and Review

Roman Reigns and The Miz started off the show with The Miz getting the better of Roman on the mic, and the crowd firmly behind Miz and his cronies. The MIz at one point decided to just leave after berating Roman, but Kurt Angle came out and set up a couple of matches that features the trio, and that’s the crux of the show.

Matt Hardy and Jason Jordan defeated The MIztourage

The Miztourage are nothing but jobbers. I guess there are worse ways to make a living, but they lost handedly by Matt Hardy and Jason Jordan. This was a fast paced match, and it got the crowd going wild, which is always a great thing. I had a little fun watching this, and you probably enjoyed this one too. It’s a good match, although I’m tired of seeing the Miztourage getting pummeled each week. At least the Flock and the Nest had wins when they were with Raven. These guys aren’t even getting a second look.

Elias defeated Apollo Crews

This was not shown on HULU.

Braun Strowman attacked Curt Hawkins

This was just awful. This was absolutely just bad. Hawkins gets beat up, and still buried. I guess there’s worse ways to make a living, right?

Braun Strowman defeated Dean Ambrose

This match was what you’d expect, Strowman plowed through Ambrose. Ambrose had a little offense, but not nearly as much as you’d expect, and Strowman wins again. Next week he will face off against Seth Rollins and win again. However, I don’t find him to be a formidable opponent for anyone because Lesnar beat him clean in the middle of the ring at the PPV.

Mickie James came out to fight Alexa Bliss

Mickie James didn’t get much of a crowd reaction when she confronted Alexa Bliss. I guess this is the next feud? Ok. James is on her way out, I can sense it. Bliss is great here, and I like her.

Seth Rollins defeated Sheamus

Sheamus had most of the offense in this match, and it wasn’t that bad. Rollins is boring to me, and very predictable, as is Ambrose. Sheamus got cocky at one point and lost when Rollins was able to take advantage of several mistakes that Sheamus had. Not a terrible match, but far from the best.

Roman Reigns defeated The Miz

This was not much of a match, Roman Reigns beat down MIz and won relatively well. Even with the Miztourage helping out, Reigns wasn’t going down, and the Miz lost clean. After the match the trio beat the holy crap out of Reigns with a chair, and the other guys from the shield did not show up. So screw them. I still hate Reigns.

Finn Balor defeated Goldust

This was not shown on HULU

Bayley and Sasha Banks defeated Nia Jax and Emma

This was not shown on HULU

The Cruiserweight Division gave Enzo Amore a Beat Down

Enzo Amore came out and cut a scathing promo, but the 205 Live crew came out and confronted him. Neville talked a great deal then beat the tar out of Amore, and then the rest of the crew came down and beat him up. Then Braun Strowman came out and beat him up too. Either way, Amore is getting beat down and taking a lot of heat. I’ll definitely be tuning in to 205 Live to see how this works itself out. However, the idea of an outcast as champion, and the whole crew beating him up is not my favorite of stories. I want him to overcome.

So there you have it, Raw was ok at best. I didn’t really see any furtherment of story lines, and according to the Tuna Metlzer, the WWE doesn’t care about the stories because they are making money hand over fist regardless of what they do. That is showing with this lack luster show that was very long, even on HULU. Not a great night of wrestling, if you can call it that anymore.

Monday, September 25, 2017

WWE No Mercy 2017 Results and Review

WWE No Mercy 2017 - SRC WWE dot com
WWE No Mercy 2017 was in Los Angeles this past Sunday, and I was watching it live on the WWE Network. I wanted to be in Los Angeles for this, but I blew my proverbial load on going to Las Vegas and Spokane earlier this year. That was a fun trip, and I loved the experience, but here I was stuck without being able to fly out. It doesn’t matter, though. WWE No Mercy came through with some epic matches, but honestly, it wasn’t that grand overall. But there were a few notes to consider.

WWE No Mercy 2017 Results and Review

Elias defeated Apollo Crews

This match started the show, and it wasn’t that bad. Elias is a big guy, and Apollo is so athletic, that these guys put on a good match. Elias definitely has something going for himself. Apollo is a classic character, but he’s floundering with a lackluster crowd out there. Elias gets the win here, and I will walk with Elias any time!

The Miz defeated Jason Jordan

The Los Angeles crowd loved The Miz. The Miz really gave Jason Jordan a good match, and the two were definitely grand overall. It was a fun overall match with Jordan throwing a lot of weight around. The Miz was able to get the win with outside interference, and I liked that a lot. Miz winning garnered a huge pop from the crowd.

Finn Balor defeated Bray Wyatt

Balor had the worst outfit on. I couldn’t stop laughing at it. Wyatt eats another pin. Are you surprised? This match wasn’t that bad, but it also wasn’t that good. Wyatt threw down some great offense, but Balor wins again, and now I hope he can move on to something else. He should be challenging for the title he never lost.

Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins defeated Cesaro and Sheamus

Another classic match from these guys. Cesaro was able to throw in a great deal of offense, and spots that looked amazing. Cesaro knocked out two teeth at one point, and Ambrose looked to have messed up his shoulder at one point. The match was fun, fast paced, hard hitting, and just made sense a lot. There was a lot of story telling here, and I loved it. This was the best match of the night if you ask me. Great back and forth, and lots of fans going nuts.

Alexa Bliss defeated Sasha Banks, Bayley, Nia Jax, and Emma

Alexa Bliss wins! I’m a fan, and while the rest of the girls put on a good show, they didn’t get the win here. Bliss won with her DDT, and the women really teamed up to take out Nia Jax. Bayley and Sasha worked together for a while, then split up for a moment, and Emma was just getting beat up a lot. Nia Jax took some incredible bumps in this match, and it was awesome.

Roman Reigns defeated John Cena

Wow. Just wow. Cena threw every single thing at Roman Reigns. 4 Attitude Adjustments, Reigns took everything and he still kicked out. Roman Reigns hit the super man punch and a spear, and it was over. Roman Reigns gets credit here for taking everything and the kitchen sink from Cena. Also, for almost breaking his neck spearing Cena through a table. This was great, and the two worked well together. Roman Reigns won clean, in the middle, and that was that. Cena looked to be retiring much like he did in May, but that was the end of this match.

Enzo Amore defeated Neville to Win The WWE Cruiserweight Championship

Neville beat the hell out of Enzo. This match was swift, and after some time, a kick to the nuts garnered Enzo the big win and the title. I kid you not. I’m not sure what’s going on with the Cruiserweights, but this should make for an interesting 205 Live this week, right? Neville deserves better.

Brock Lesnar defeated Braun Strowman

This was not a great match, it was slow and lumbering. But I will give Brock credit for taking a lot of offense. Braun Strowman gave him a decent offering, and Lesnar seemed to be in trouble several times, before Braun Strowman hit many powerslams, but they weren’t enough. Lesnar hit an F5 and then pinned him, and that was it. He cleanly won, and The Monster was defeated. Sigh. Lesnar phones it in. I’m so sick of this guy. A part timer is the champion? Ugh. So boring.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

WWE Smackdown Live September 13, 2017 Results and Review McMahon Show Featuring Wrestlers

Breaking Kendo Sticks - SRC WWE DOT COM
Well, if you ever have a negative thing to say about Vince McMahon, you can now shut the hell up. I’m going to, and you may want to do the same. Why? Well, we will get to this night of Smackdown, live from Las Vegas. I should’ve gone, but eh, I didn’t get to go this time. I did think about it, though, but it just didn’t happen. So let’s get into this showcase of the immortals, or rather, the boring things that happened and the exciting things that also happened.

Kevin Owens Took over

Kevin Owens wasn’t playing around last week when he said he was going to takeover the show, because he certainly did this time around. He showed up and was taking over from the moment he came out to the ring. He was interrupted by Dolph Ziggler at one point, and he praised him. That of course led to the rest of the show, in which Owens would have backstage interactions, and was claiming to be taking over the show or he was going to sue.

Aj Styles defeated Tye Dillinger in the United States Championship Open Challenge

Did you really think that Tye Dillinger was going to get the win here? He did put up a good fight against Aj Styles, but it wasn’t at all what you would call a 4 star classic. In fact, the match went on slightly less time than I imagined it would have gone, and it even had a run in with Baron Corbin. Corbin was able to knock some sense into the two combatants, and wake up Aj Styles because he definitely got some shots from Dillinger. Dillinger pinned the champ a few times, but he couldn’t get that 3, and of course Styles would turn things around and boom, the calf crusher made Dillinger tap out. What a push for Dillinger? The best loser to come through NXT, eh? What a shame.

Jinder Mahal Goes Racist

Jinder Mahal came out and was super racist with running down Nakamura. I guess that’s cool? I don’t know. I like Jinder Mahal’s shirts, and I did like the Singh brother’s comedy act, but this was a bit much. This didn’t need to be on the show at all.

The New Day defeated The Usos in a Sin City Street Fight for the Smackdown Tag Team Titles

The new Day was supposed to be outgunned here but they weren’t because The Usos came at them like it was Day One Ish! See what I did there? Either way, the New Day put on a showcase, and The Usos beat the holy hell out of Big E and Kofi Kingston. The end was going to be similar to that of Summerslam, but alas, things turned out good for the New Day as they were able to garner a pinfall after a lot of punishment. Chairs, kendo stick breaking, and tables all made this match quite good, and of course, the two teams have great chemistry together. The New Day are the new champions! This wasn’t my favorite street fight of all time, but it was good. I think the Cactus Jack and Max Payne street fight with the Nasty Boys was better.

Natalya defeated Naomi in the Smackdown Women’s Championship Match

This wasn’t a great match. It was rushed, and it seemed like they just didn’t give the women enough time to tell a good story. However, James Ellsworth and Carmella were playing a dom and sub thing, and got in the face of Naomi at one point. It didn’t matter, Natalya won with the sharpshooter and that’s the end of this feud, right?

Dolph Ziggler Made Fun of People

This was dumb.

Shelton Benjamin and Chad Gable defeated The Hype Bros.

This was a fast match where Shelton did all the work, and the Hype Bros. just lost. It looked like one of them may be turning heel? I don’t know, this division sucks right now. Shelton looked great though.

Kevin Owens Beat Down Vince McMahon

The highlight of this wasn’t the announcement of the Shane McMahon vs Kevin Owens in a Hell in the Cell Match. Sadly. Owens head butted Vince hardway, and then dropped his weight on him from the top, as well as busting open Vince. That brought out Stephanie McMahon dressed like a power ranger, and that was that. I hope Owens goes to the indies, this is a lame feud to me, and this show was lackluster, with only 1 good match, and the rest being filler. Sadly, this is the B show.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

WWE Monday Night Raw September 11, 2017 Results and Review A Lopsided Show of Burials

John Cena defeated Brown Shoeman via DQ - SRC WWE DOT COM
Live from Anaheim, California, Monday Night Raw came through and it wasn’t half bad, but it wasn’t half good either. There’s a lot to consider on this show, so I’ll review the HULU version of this show. Raw is very hit or miss, and while I didn’t get to travel to Anaheim for the show, I saw it this morning and drank a beer for breakfast. So let’s discuss the night via HULU’s version of Monday Night Raw for September 11, 2017.

WWE Monday Night Raw September 11, 2017 Results and Review

We got a moment of silence for September 11, 2017. So I won’t say anything about it. Let’s pause.

Roman Reigns defeated Jason Jordan

Jason Jordan once again pushed through the offense of Roman Reigns and delivered a great deal of offense. I was impressed with him, even though the audience may not have cared that much. His rolling Northern Lights Suplex is incredible, and it’s an absolute great thing to watch. Reigns eventually put him away, with a lot of great shots, and his standard offense, but Jordan was not a slouch here, and I liked that. Good work from Jordan, and good for Reigns as well, but the crowd wasn’t into this one. Too bad, it wasn’t a bad match.

John Cena Buries Roman Reigns on the MIC

Once again John Cena buries Roman Reigns on the mic after the match. Oh boy.

Brock Lesnar and Braun Strowman Brawl

Paul Heyman came out and started to talk about the upcoming match up that they will have in Los Angeles. Lesnar got beat down, and it was embarrassing. I’m going to predict that the match ends in a disqualification, and Lesnar does not lose his title. I’m so tired of Brock.

Bray Wyatt defeated Goldust

This was not shown on HULU

The Raw Tag Division Brawled

If by division you just mean 2 teams, then yes. Only 2 teams were brawling, maybe 3, but that’s it. That’s the whole division? Ok.

Elias defeated Kalisto

Isn’t Kalisto under 205 pounds? Why is he not on 205 Live? Anyways, this wasn’t shown on HULU.

John Cena defeated Braun Strowman via Disqualification

Not a bad match, if you like Strowman bulldozing Cena. That’s all this was, the majority of the match was Strowman beating down Cena and bouncing back from the offense that the guy threw at him. Cena won via disqualification.

Sasha Banks defeated Emma

This was not shown on HULU

The Miz and Maryse Is Having A Child

Miz TV started and announced that the couple will be having a kid. Good for them. Maryse is beautiful and Miz deserves his success, and obviously having a kid is awesome.

Enzo Amore defeated The Miz via Diqualification

Enzo won this match, but only because he got beat down a great deal. The Miz ran Enzo down on the mic though, and it wasn’t half bad, but this match was another burial of Enzo.

Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins with The Hardy Boyz defeated Cesaro, Sheamus, Luke Gallows, and Ken Anderson

This wasn’t a half bad match, but the Club Sandwich boys again lose thanks to the former champs running away. Ambrose and Rollins were great, The Hardys are always fun to see, and that’s about it. This wasn’t bad, unless you’re a Club fan, because they got buried yet again.

That’s about it. The show was like a mayonnaise sandwich without a lot of great wrestling. But it was entertaining enough for me to comment on these things briefly. If you saw it, then you know, this wasn’t a bad show, but it wasn’t great either. A little action here was fun, but overall, nothing really got me interested, other than the possibility of a Braun Strowman championship run. Other than that, meh.

This isn’t a show that you have to see. But it’s one that was a little better than the past few weeks.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

WWE Smackdown Live September 5, 2017 Results and Review The Longest 2 Hours Ever

Dolph Ziggler Was Lame On Smackdown - SRC WWE DOT COM
I had a lot of work to do before I could watch this show. I did manage to get my work done, and I sat through what seemed like the longest 2 hours of wrestling. I wanted to bang my head against the wall, and the highlight for me was simple, my other half asked me, “Shane McMahon looks roided out, and he’s getting botox too”, and that’s that. Hilarious.

WWE Smackdown Live September 5, 2017 Results and Review

Shane McMahon and Kevin Owens Fought Each Other.

The opening was supposed to be the women’s match, but instead, Owens came out and started to talk on the mic about Shane McMahon. Well, before that, he said he would be the special guest referee. But that didn’t happen. McMahon and Owens jabbed on the mic, and then the two started brawling. McMahon vs. Owens will occur, and I’m not happy about it. What a waste of talent.

Natalya defeated Carmella

A roll up. That’s what happened after James Ellsworth distracted things by dropping the Money In The Bank Briefcase. That led Carmella to get on the mic and yell at him, and said they were finish. He was left crying. Natalya is good, but in this match, she wasn’t that great. A roll up? Really? Sigh.

Aiden English defeated Sami Zayn

Oh man, another roll up! What a waste of both talents. I loved the Vaudevillains, and when I saw them at NXT Takeover, I thought for sure they would get a big push in the main event, but alas, nope.

Shane McMahon was suspended indefinitely.

This was dumb. McMahon is suspended, oh well. Vince McMahon will be on Smackdown next week, in Las Vegas!

Baron Corbin defeated Tye Dillinger

This was a lousy match. Tye Dillinger didn’t come out with his full entrance. Not only that, Corbin was loose and sloppy with his moves. Aj Styles was on commentary, and I think that Corbin is supposed to be next fighting him for the title, but of course, he is not going to get that match until Dilllinger gets a shot next week. This was a boring match, and the Corbin train is done for me.

Carmella Kissed James Ellsworth

Ellsworth must’ve loved this. I would have killed to be in that position, and that’s rad. Oh and he got slapped. But he also got one hell of a kiss, which is what I wish I could get from Carmella. Just saying.

Shinsuke Nakamura defeated Randy Orton

Throughout the night we had vignettes from the two, and they were awkward and terrible. This match wasn’t half bad, but it also wasn’t great. Jinder was watching on, and he cut a promo backstage. Nakamura is great, but only when he’s with good talent, and Orton was up to par. Orton was phoning it in as usual, and after some back and forth, it was Nakamura that got the big win.

The end, right? Yeah, this was a lousy show. Oh! Oh!

Dolph ZIggler Came Out

He was supposed to be doing a new gimmick. Instead he cut a heel promo and then walked away. It’s time for him to get fired. This was a waste.

In this 2 hour show, we had 2 roll ups, a lousy finish with Dillinger, and Nakamura beating Orton to go on to face Jinder Mahal again. Sigh. Just Sigh, this was a terrible night of wrestling, if you can call it that. At least Raw had some good wrestling. Tonight, it wasn’t grand, it just wasn’t grand at all.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

WWE Monday Night Raw September 4, 2017 Results and Review Still Too Long of A Show

The Big Show vs. Braun Strowman - SRC 
WWE Monday Night Raw was live from Omaha, and while this is the HULU review, I can’t say that I was fully entertained by the condensed version. Why? There was a lot of filler. I could not believe how much filler was placed in the 90 minutes that the show ran. I now present to you the following run down of what I remember from the show, which I just watched this morning. I couldn’t sleep last night, and all I could think about was reviewing this, and posting reviews on other pages, etc. So here we go, the night of wrestling based on the HULU edition of WWE Monday Night Raw.

WWE Monday Night Raw September 5, 2017 Results and Review

John Cena defeated Jason Jordan

Jason Jordan has a lot of talent, I will not take that away from him. However, the people do not care for him, even though he put on a showcase with Cena. Cena is always interesting to watch, especially this late in his career. Jordan got close several times, but perhaps the best spot here was the rolling Northern Lights Suplex to Bridge and pin combination. How Cena kicked out of that one is insane, since it looked devastating. I loved it. Cena wins, of course, but wow, Jordan still can’t get over.

Roman Reigns showed up and tried to trash talk Cena, but was still lambasted by John Cena.

Cesaor and Sheamus defeated Slater and Rhyno

HULU did not show this.

The Miz defeated Jeff Hardy

Not a bad match, but far from the best that these two can throw together. Hardy loses clean here, even after the Miz’s friends and Matt Hardy were thrown out. Not much to say here, a good overall match, but not the best. It was quick and easy for The Miz to get this win, even though Hardy is still looking good out there.

Enzo Amore, Cedric Alexander and Gran Metalik defeated Noam Dar, Tony Nese, and Drew Gulak

HULU did not show this.

Bray Wyatt Showed Up For A Promo

This was dumb. Wyatt challenged Balor, at No Mercy. Ok. I still think Finn is lesser than Alex Wright.

Nia Jax and Emma defeated Alexa Bliss and Sasha Banks

This was not a half bad match, but it was really the Nia Jax showcase. She was shown strong against Bliss and Banks, while Emma was getting a lot of the punishment from the unlikely pairing. Jax would get the final laugh, beating up everyone, and dropping people with her Samoan Drop. It was a fun little match, which will cause a 4-way for the title at No Mercy. This was ok at best, but it was entertaining enough.

Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins defeated The Club Sandwich Boys

HULU did not show this match.

Braun Strowman defeated The Big Show in a Steel Cage Match

This was a good overall match, with Strowman getting the big win. However, Show threw out some top rope moves, took a superplex, and finally a running power slam. Strowman looked strong in defeat, and then threw Show through the side of the cage. This wasn’t half bad, but it didn’t really impress me, since I know far too much about WWE has treated show when he came in. His run in WCW was great, with him doing missile dropkicks from the top rope.

Overall, Raw was in holiday mode. This was a boring night of wrestling, with a few highlights, but overall, it’s a throwaway show with a few good points. I liked the main event, and the women’s match, but that’s about it. I won’t remember this show for anything too crazy, that’s for sure.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Monday Night Raw August 21, 2017 Results and Review The Shortest HULU Version Ever

Superman Punch! - SRC 
Monday Night Raw was booked in Brooklyn, New York yet again. The crowd was hot through the night, and they were given a lot of elements. This is a great night of wrestling, for those in attendance. But the HULU edition was cut very short, with a lot of talking, and very little wrestling. I’m not sure why, but hey, here I am to talk about the HULU edition of Monday Night Raw.

Monday Night Raw August 21, 2017 Results and Review

Braun Strowman interrupted the Brock Lesnar Speech, and that’s about it.

Enzo Amore defeated Big Cass in a Brooklyn Street Fight

Enzo and Cass didn’t get much time, as this wasn’t on Hulu. I saw it on Youtube, and this was interesting. Cass took a nasty dive to the outside and collapsed midway through the match. I’m guessing a torn ACL and MCL. I tore my ACL and collapsed as well in high school, so I can say this was at least a hyper-extension.

Nia Jax defeated Emma

This wasn’t shown on HULU

Elias defeated R. Truth

This wasn’t shown on HULU

The Miz and Samoa Joe confronted John Cena and Roman Reigns

This was a long boring talking segment that was part of the HULU edition, and it just went long.

Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins defeated The Hardy Boyz

A great overall, fast paced match. It was fun to see these guys work, and while it was hard hitting, with great counters and in-ring psychology, pushing both teams in this one. In the end, Rollins and Ambrose won after stopping the Swanton, and boom.

Alexa Bliss confronted Sasha Banks

Banks just talked on the mic, and Alexa showed up. Meh. They didn’t brawl, and Alexa will get a rematch, just not tonight.

Finn Balor defeated Jason Jordan

Jordan wanted a match with Balor, and he got it. Balor ran right through Jordan, even though he was able to get a little offense. It wasn’t much though, it was bad. Balor’s dropkick wasn’t half bad, and Jordan got a beat down, and lost clean, in the middle of the ring. A good, fun match, but Jordan is just not over.

John Cena and Roman Reigns defeated The Miz and Samoa Joe

This was a fun match, and Reigns with Roman is a good pairing, that will lead them to face off against each other. Joe and MIz worked well enough, but it was obvious that Miz was going to eat a pin. He did, even though Cena was knocked out by Reigns on accident. Reigns and Joe fell to the outside, with a killer sequence that showed Reigns knocking out Joe from the Suicide Dive, and man, good stuff. Miz loses, here, even with his Miztourage on the outside trying to help.

There you have it, Monday Night Raw went down the hatch with minimal problems. I didn’t hate it, I didn’t love it, and the HULU version was very condensed. I liked that, but I didn’t think that the show was worth 3 hours of time. Overall, not a bad night of wrestling, some fun spots, and good things. Hopefully this brings about some more wrestling next week in Memphis. Oh, and I did forget to type the 205 Live match, but I didn't care, and you didn't either.

Monday, August 21, 2017

WWE Summerslam 2017 Results and Review The Marathon Show Continues

Brown Shoeman Drops Lesnar - SRC
If you had plans for Sunday night, I hope you erased them when you heard that the WWE Summerslam PPV was going to be 9 hours long. Ok, it wasn’t that long, but it certainly was long enough to garner a lot of tired faces by the time the main event came through. I have heard a lot of people talk about this show, and I’ve seen a lot of videos about what the thoughts were from a variety of people. But these are my thoughts on the night, as you know I was going to say something, because I sat through a lot of wrestling after writing an essay for school.

WWE Summerslam 2017 Results and Review

The Miz and The Miztourage defeated The Hardy Boyz and Jason Jordan

The arena was empty for this match. It was bad. These guys fought to a decent match, but I don’t know why they chose to do the same match again from Raw. This wasn’t half bad, but of course, The Miz and his crew got the big win on the ppv. This was fast paced, and not necessarily bad, but I’m not sure why Miz wasn’t defending his title here. I guess maybe it won’t happen until the next PPV. Jason Jordan and his team loses, in front of 12 people, and I’m not kidding.

Neville defeated Akira Tozawa for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship

This was fascinating, as it was another match between these two guys. Tozawa beat Neville on Raw, and it was a good match. However, this was another match where the two put on some good back and forth. However, the leaping senton bomb was thwarted by Neville, and the Red Arrow came through and Tozawa was done. I do not know what Titus O’Neil doesn’t help out, or cause a distraction. This was an ok match, but again, only like 20 people in the audience made this ok, at best.

The Usos defeated The New Day for the WWE Smackdown Tag Team Championship

I do not think there is a better duo than The Usos. They are on the same exact page, and they keep pushing through a lot of moves, and reversals, with expert timing. These two guys are just incredible. The New Day is boring to me, but they keep trying to put on good matches. They did just that, and they were able to gain the upper hand for a good portion of the match, but it was the Usos and their fast-paced wrestling that ended up getting the big win. I loved the ending, dual super kicks, and their finish, which was stellar. The Usos are in their prime.

John Cena defeated Baron Corbin

This was a burial. Do not even argue with me. This was a burial that was akin to many other burials that you’ve seen in the past. John Cena defeated Baron Corbin clean. I kid you not. Clean. Cena wins in the opening match, and goes home to sleep because tomorrow he’s probably doing something grand. Well, tomorrow is Tuesday, but maybe he’s on Raw tonight? Oh boy!

Natalya defeated Naomi for the Smackdown Women’s Championship

This was a sloppy match, and I had a stomach issue. I went to the bathroom at one point, and came back, and it was still going. Natalya can be good, and Naomi has gotten better, but there was something missing between these two. It was fun, no doubt, and the winner was Natalya. She made Naomi tap out to the sharpshooter, which I thought was great, so good for her.

Big Cass defeated Big Show w/ Enzo Amore in a Shark Cage

The best part of this match was Enzo Amore stripping, lubing himself up and escaping the cage. That was thwarted by Cass, with a huge kick. Show got pinned after the empire elbow, and that was that. Not a great match, but Enzo was funny to me.

Randy Orton defeated Rusev

And another burial. Rusev has been downhill for a while, and here we go, Orton shows up and with a RKO out of nowhere, and the end. Less than 5 minutes. Rusev loses, and that’s that.

Sasha Banks defeated Alexa Bliss for the Raw Women’s Championship

This wasn’t half bad. This was interesting, with Alexa impressing me a lot. Sasha put on a show as usual, but I didn’t like the end. I thought for sure Alexa Bliss should’ve pinned banks with her finisher, or at least threw a tantrum and walked out, for a DQ finish. But no, this time we get Sasha Banks winning after a lot of back and forth. However, Banks looked to have messed up her shoulder, legit, so we’ll see how that goes on. Banks got beat up in this match, Bliss was great, but she pulled a rabbit out of the hat and won the title yet again. Good for her.

The Demon Finn Balor defeated Bray Wyatt

I’m not a fan of boring ass Finn Balor. He beat the Eater of Pins, and that was that. It was about 8 minutes long, and Wyatt loses fast, after a ton of offense from Balor. This match was just Balor throwing himself around at Wyatt, that’s about it.

Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins defeated Cesaro and Sheamus for the Raw Tag Team Championship

This wasn’t half bad. This was kind of cool, a good amount of action, and both teams throwing down a lot of punishment against each other. I loved the dynamic, and at the end, it was Ambrose and Rollins won a huge solution overall. This was a classic tag team battle, with two members of the Shield. I wanted to Roman Reigns to join them, but nope. I didn’t dislike Dean in this one, which was grand. Ambrose and Rollins make a great team, and this match was a great one, including the beach ball getting torn apart by Cesaro. The commentary team sucks, though.

AJ Styles defeated Kevin Owens with Special Guest Referee Shane McMahon

Not a bad match. The best of their series, but it wasn’t that great. Owens will most likely fight McMahon, I guess. Styles is great, I love his work, but he needs a new opponent, I’m tired of him fighting Owens. Although, I wouldn’t mind seeing Shane McMahon versus Kevin Owens with Aj Styles as a guest referee! This was ok, I have no complaints, but we need something new.

WWE Champion Jinder Mahal defeated Shinsuke Nakamura

Well, the burial of Nakamura is complete. Jinder Mahal defeated Shinsuke, and wow, that was the end. Nakamura did ok with Mahal, and the Singh brothers helped him get the win. Jinder isn’t half bad, but he’s juicing. I liked the dynamic, but watching Nakamura lose, with a botched finish? I guess that’s the best that can happen with Jinder. Jinder’s mainstream push hit a high note this morning as the New York Times talked about Jinder, and well, that’s good. Good for him.

WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar defeated Roman Reigns, Samoa Joe, and Braun Strowmana

This fatal 4 way title match was about as good as you’re going to get from WWE’s mainstream offering. I was surprised by how good the match was, because Brock was getting taken out early by Braun. Braun really got to Lesnar, and he even through him through two tables, before the paramedics came out. They wheeled out Brock, and he left for a while. But he came back, and then it was time to go to Suplex City! This was a good match, with lots of action. All guys hit their moves, submissions, and so much more. I was impressed with even Roman Reigns! Holy crap the dude threw down. This was fun, and a great showing. Oh, and of course, I had to mention Braun throwing the damn padded chair made another appearance. Lame.

Summerslam was good, no doubt. But was it great? Not as good as NXT if you ask me. The wrestling was good, but this was really long, and that’s my only big critique for this show. After sitting through so many hours, I don’t know if I even want to review Raw, but probably will. This was a lot of wrestling, and a lot of burials, and random notes. Oh, and Elias is great, more Elias and the Drifter!

NXT Takeover Brooklyn III Results and Review The GOAT of WWE Shows Up

Black vs Itami - SRC
The WWE is a massive company, and their mainstream offerings on a weekly basis are not exactly always good. I don’t keep up with NXT nearly as much as I will be doing in the future, but I did manage to take a break from my writing to see this show this morning, and well, I’m blown away by a lot of things. The WWE got something right, and it’s interesting to see it, but there are some imperfections here and there.

WWE NXT Takeover Brooklyn III Results and Review

Andrade “CIen” Almas defeated Johnny Gargano

Did someone tell Almas that his job was on the line? He not only seemed a bit more fit, he was taking on Gargano in a serious fashion. The back and forth between the two was accelerating, and quite fascinating to see. However, the quick “no selling” by both men kind of took me for a loop. Some call it “indie”, I call it poor selling. I’m sure that it is warranted now and then, but even Ric Flair’s flurries would end with him falling on his face in fatigue after attacking his opponents sometimes. Almas here got the better of Gargano, but not without cheating, and that is perhaps telling. Gargano gets a DIY shirt thrown at him, and boom, Almas capitalizes. Almas is a great wrestler, if the WWE would let him just explode like he did in Mexico. This was as close as you’re going to see to his original charismatic self, but it took Gargano putting on a clinic for him to reveal it.

Sanity defeated The Authors of Pain for the Tag Team Championships

I love Nikki Cross. She is one hell of a performer, and a beautiful lady if you ask me. But this is about the match, and the Authors of Pain putting on a show with Sanity. Sanity brought out all of their tools, and the two brawled until we started to see the wheels come off. Sanity played the numbers game, and Nikki Cross with Dame’s interference was amazing. The logic of this match was great with that finish. Cross jumps off the top rope on the outside and gets caught by one of the Authors of Pain, then Dame runs straight for them both, tackling them into a table! That leaves one guy open against 2, and that ended the match, before the “indie” darlings showed up. I’m not impressed by those guys yet, but it should be interesting to see what goes down moving forward. Great match, with some solid concepts, and a great finish, and again I love Nikki Cross.

Aleister Black defeated Hideo Itami

Black and Itami put on a strong style showcase and I enjoyed it greatly. Black was not backing down and Itami wasn’t either, breaking Black’s nose at one point. Jim Ross doing commentary was great, but the match itself was hard hitting, and showed the future of WWE in some sense. The counters the two put on, quick thinking, and smart psychology ruled in this match. There was even spots that didn’t take away from one wrestler’s fatigue, but was desperation, like Bret Hart’s reversals sometimes. I loved the way they blended together, and how Itami mocked Black at one point. I don’t like Black’s finisher, but hey, it is what it is. This match was hard hitting, but not with a lot of slow down, though it did appear. Black is great here, but WWE will surely screw him up like they did with Corbin.

Asuka defeated Ember Moon

Ember Moon put on a major show against Asuka. While I did not like this match as much as the Nikki Cross vs Asuka Last Woman Standing match, I did appreciate this for what it was. Moon not being able to put away Asuka. However, the natural conclusion of this match should have been when Moon hit her finisher, dead center of the ring. I don’t know where you go from there. Asuka won after trying to cheat, and eventually made Moon tapped out. I would’ve like Asuka to win by cheating, and develop that side of her character, leading to a match where she couldn’t cheat, but nope. Moon loses, and Asuka’s title reign continues.

Drew McIntyre defeated Bobby Roode for the NXT Championship

This match was hard hitting, and perhaps one of the best I’ve seen from Roode. Roode took on McIntyre’s best here. The bagpipe players from the NYPD were amazing for Drew, and he looked poised to get the big win here. He did it, but not without taking on Roode at every possible configuration of moves. That included the outside, off the top rope, and several DDTs. While there were moments of slow down, it wasn’t so bad that I wanted to stop watching. The two really did well together, and Roode may be poised for other things. Roode seemed to have suffered a nice big bruise on his quad, which looked nasty.

Post-match Adam Cole, Fish, and O’Reilly came out to beat up McIntyre. They are indie darlings from what I hear, and well, I didn’t care, I had already seen 6 or so hours of Summerslam and didn’t want to watch any more.

NXT Takeover Brooklyin III was certainly a great show. After seeing Summerslam, I can say that this was a better showcase of the WWE talent roster. I did not like Summerslam nearly as much. While the lack of fireworks was lame, the live performances were great, and the future looks bright for WWE, assuming they don’t homogenize these guys on the main roster like they have with Corbin, and Nakamura.

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WWE Monday Night Raw August 14, 2017 Results and Review Lesnar Still Sucks

Bork Lazer Vs. The World - SRC WWE.COM
Wow, color me late again. This is a review that should’ve been up on Tuesday or Wednesday, but instead, it’s getting written right now. I’m late, and that’s because I had to once again sit through 5 hours of television to get through this. Or 4 hours, I don’t recall. Either way, here’s my review of the HULU version of Monday Night Raw, because you asked, or didn’t, I don’t know what is going on sometimes.

WWE Monday Night Raw August 14, 2017 Results and Review

Was there a talking segment to open things up? Maybe? I think it may have been Seth Rollins, and if it was, I was bored. Cesaor and Sheamus luckily came down to beat him up, but oh no, here comes Dean “Boring” Ambrose to stop it. I was not thrilled, as I think he’s been resting on his laurels for some time, and his in ring performances have bored me as of late. Rollins and Dean tease the fist bump, and then connect, because you know, the Shield reunion is going to be inevtible, and Roman Reigns will need them to win the title, if you ask me.

This set up a tag team title’s match for SummerSlam this year.

Sasha Banks defeated Nia Jax

They say that there was a women’s revolution in WWE, but you know what? Revolution means a full circle, and that’s what we are getting. This match was not that long, and it wasn’t believable to me. The match between Jax and Banks from Fastlane was far better if you ask me. However, this was good for what it was, and Jax loses again, while Banks goes on to face Alexa Bliss. It should be a no-dq match, but something tells me Little Miss Bliss is going to retain.

Elias attacked R-Truth

This was not on HULU.

Big Cass and the Club Sandwich Boys break Big Shows Arm.

You read that right. There’s not much I can say about that. Big Cass did cut one good promo, though. Although, it was hard to pay attention to him, as he was “orange”. I kid you not. That spray tan was too much.

Bray Wyatt defeated Finn Balor

This was a dumb match. Balor barely got in any offense, and Bray Wyatt just easily beat him with a crotch shot and Sister Abigail. I still think that Wyatt should get a real Sister Abigail to show up, and he should also team up with Bo Dallas. Wishful thinking on my part, which will likely never happen, I’m sure. Bray Wyatt wins, then pores blood on Balor. But wait! The commentary team did not say anything about this. The HULU version edited out the commentary teams statements, so you didn’t hear them say acid, or whatever it is that people on twitter said. Who cares, this is a boring feud. I hear the Demon is coming at Summerslam, ok. Sure. Finn Balor is nothing more than Alex Wright 2.0 if you ask me.

Akira Tozawa defeated Neville for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship

Tozawa is a great character, and he can really put on a show. This match, wasn’t that great. However, the big senton bomb from Tozawa saved it. He has some serious height on that, and it reminds me of how good Dick Togo was. This was a good performance from both, but the title change seems odd to me, especially since I’m not following 205 Live as much as I had in the past. I need to get back to it.

Jason Jordan defeated The Miz via DQ

This was fast, and it didn’t get far. Jordan got jumped by Miz’s cronies and that was that. Jordan then cleaned house, but the Miztourage is going to definitely cause disruption for the young guy. Oh, and the fans could care less, which means they care just a little.

Jason Jordan and The Hardy Boyz defeated The Miz and The Miztourage

Oh, I almost forgot this happened! The Hardy Boyz ran down to save Jordan from a beat down, and that prompted Teddy Long to come down and declare a tag team match! Ok, he didn’t come down, but that’s what happened, a six man tag happened, and that was that.

Bork Lazer fought off a few dudes.

The ending of Raw had Lesnar getting pulled away from beating up the rest of his opponents from Summerslam. I will say this much, the main event is going to be predicable since Lesnar will win and will be at Raw as the champion. That’s been leaked already, so there.

Overall, Raw wasn’t terrible. It was actually watchable for the most part. However, I could not get into the main event, and the lack of lengthy matches makes me miss the old Raw shows where wrestling took more of a front seat, then just randomly throwing together storylines before a PPV. I guess that’s what 2017 WWE is now, a crash course in pro-wrestling.

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WWE Smackdown Live August 8, 2017 Results and Review This Is The Best They Can Give?

Mahal Vs Orton - SRC
People sometimes tell me that Smackdown is the better show. They are wrong. There is no better show. This show may have started as something grand back when the brand split was first announced. But now? It’s nothing more than a homogenized wrestling show that is heavy on talking, and light on wrestling. It’s not as bad as Raw, but it’s still bad. There are moments of joy, though, and perhaps that’s the saving grace of Smackdown’s shows. August 8, 2017 the show was from Canada yet again, and the fans weren’t booing nearly as bad as Raw, but you also didn’t get the same lame ass promos being cut. I watched this directly after Raw, which is something worth noting.

WWE Smackdown Live August 8, 2017 Results and Review

John Cena Cut A Bad Promo

This was one of the worst promos I’ve ever heard. Cena is usually ok on the mic. I miss the times when he was rapping. Now he just is tired, and boring. Corbin came out, and the two would talk about how they are going to fight, etc. I don’t know, Cena insulted Corbin and a match was set for the two at Summerslam. I don’t care about either guy. You know what will happen? John Cena will defeat Baron Corbin, and Corbin will cash in his Money In The Bank briefcase on Shinsuke Nakamura in the main event at Summerslam.

The Usos defeated Sami Zayn and Tye Dillinger

Did you see this going any other way? Dillinger loses again. The Usos win, and they are perhaps the best in the industry right now. I’d love to see the Young Bucks versus The Usos, that would set a huge fire under the feet of all tag teams if you ask me. I loved this match, although seeing Zayn and Dillinger buried makes me wonder why even bring them to the main roster?

Charlotte Flair defeated Lana

A burial. Lana can not lace the boots of Flair. Flair is wasted here. Please WWE, give her better competition, perhaps move her back to Raw.

Shane McMahon Bored Me To Tears

Ugh. This was boring. AJ Styles and Kevin Owens talked, and McMahon talked, and then it led to Shane getting kicked. Oh well. It was nice to see Owens mention that McMahon has screwed people in the past. That makes me want to watch Survivor Series 1998, to be honest. I may watch it again, as it was a stellar event if I do remember. Deadly Game Survivor Series, great stuff.

Twin Peaks or Fashion Peaks

This was a cool segment. Nothing to complain about here.

Carmella defeated Naomi

Another burial. This wasn’t half bad. Not that good either. Carmella got the win, and really didn’t progress much of a story. Where was Natalya? Where was Becky? Women’s revolution, huh? Meh.

Randy Orton defeated Jinder Mahal in a grudge match

Do you really want me to talk about this? I didn't even want to see it. Rusev showed up on the ramp with a kick to Orton and the show ended. No more Smackdown, please.

WWE Monday Night Raw August 7, 2017 Results and Review The Padded Chair of Doom

Padded Chair of Doom - SRC WWE.COM
This week I sat through 5 hours of wrestling. Ok, not 5 hours, only the 90 minute version of Raw on Hulu and then Smackdown live on Hulu. I watched them back to back, so that has to be something good, right? Whatever the case is, Raw was not exactly fun to watch, but Smackdown had a few notes. This time around on Raw, there were some good spots, and classic matches, but the HULU version condensed a lot of the things that you would normally expect. With that in mind, consider the following review of RAW from the Air Canada Centre, in Toronto, Canada.

WWE Monday Night Raw August 7, 2017 Results and Review

Brock Lesnar laid the Miz and his crew to waste.

The opening segment had Lesnar beating down the Miz and his crew with ease. This was fun, but what’s the big deal? Lesnar obliterates the Intercontinental Champion? Not only that, did you see the Miz’s wild swing against Lesnar? It was funny.

Sheamus defeated Seth Rollins

Sheamus rolled up Rollins, and then beat him down, forcing Dean Ambrose to show up. I think. I think that’s the story that was told, or maybe not. I’m having a hard time remembering this, because it was absolutely boring.

Sasha Banks defeated Emma and Alicia Fox

The women’s revolution eh? Well, if a fast moving match with minimal offense and probably 5 minutes of time is a revolution, then sure, we have a revolution. This was telegraphed a mile away. Sasha Banks wins, and the rest were boring. Emma is still getting buried.

Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson defeated Enzo Amore and Big Show

Well, this match sucked. Enzo is not liked backstage, according to a lot of sources, but you wouldn’t know since this match had the crowd going nuts for him. Show and Enzo lose, but then Show gets the last laugh with a right hand. They are going to have Cass versus Big Show with Enzo in a cage above the ring, which is just bad. Either way, this match sucked, and the Club Sandwich boys aren’t doing well.

Bray Wyatt Attacked Finn Balor

This wasn’t shown on HULU.

Dean Ambrose defeated Cesaro

Another roll up, but this time Seth Rollins ran down. Rollins ran down and saved Ambrose, but they didn’t shake hands or fist bump. This match was boring, and Cesaro was rolled up. Man, so many roll ups, I’m tired.

Akira Tozawa defeated Ariya Daivari

This wasn’t shown on HULU.

Nia Jax defeated Mickie James and Dana Brooke

Wow, Dana Brooke is hot to me. I’m sorry. Mickie James too. These are two amazing women, and they are very strong and athletic. Then there’s Nia Jax, wow, some improvement, but not exactly an in ring scholar just yet. I liked this match, and loved the ending, with Nia Jax going strong and moving forward to facing off against Sasha Banks.

Braun Strowman defeated Roman Reigns in a Last Man Standing Match

This was great. This was a great match with Roman and Braun putting on a show. There were a lot of great moments, but the scene of the night was Reigns getting hit in the face with an office chair. Strowman threw a chair at him and Roman went down, people went nuts, and I couldn’t help but think that the chair was super padded. Roman went down like a sack of potatoes, and it was funny to see. Samoa Joe came out of the audience, NO MUSIC mind you, and choked out Reigns.

Bayley gets Booed!

Bayley’s character has been assassinated. Ever since she wussed out at Extreme Rules in her home town, and Alexa Bliss caned the living crap out of her, she’s been going downhill. The crowd was booing, and Bayley really was awful on the mic. She even said, “why are they booing”, breaking character, and making me hate WWE for putting her out there. This was absolutely bad.

Overall, Monday Night Raw had a lot of bad things to it. But there were a few good moments with wrestling, including Braun Strowman and Roman Reigns. I don’t think Reigns sucks. This was an ok show, and worth HULU, but not 3 hours of your time.

Oh, and one more thing. What’s up with the illogical saves? Ambrose and Rollins save each other, but before they do so, their music plays. That’s asinine! Don’t do that! Instead, they should just run down and save their friend, no music, no pomp and circumstance. But no, logic is thrown out the window. Where was Elias, by the way? Oh well. Raw was ok at best.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

WWE Smackdown Live August 1, 2017 Results and Review The Dream Match Killer

This Was Your Finish, But It Was Boring - src
This week’s edition of Smackdown was live from Cleveland, Ohio. Just a stone’s throw away from where I live, and I didn’t want to go. Why would I? The quality of Smackdown’s shows has been dropping like crazy, so I didn’t want to jump into this one live, but I needed to write up a review, and so here I am, talking about Smackdown again. This is a night that should’ve been great, but instead, it felt a little flat, and we’re going to discuss it and what not below.

WWE Smackdown Live August 1, 2017 Results and Review

Aj Styles defeated Kevin Owens

This match was probably the worst thing I’ve seen these guys in. They keep putting on matches that are absolutely cringe worthy. They just seem to be working at half speed or something. They don’t seem to be into it, and the ending was goofy as ever. Owens went to swing at Aj Styles and supposedly hit the ref, and the ref didn’t see when Owens’ shoulder was up, getting counted pinned in 3, which would lead to him throwing a tantrum. He yelled at Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon, leading to them announcing that Aj Styles would face Kevin Owens yet again, only this time, it’s going to be with guest referee Shane McMahon! Oh joy, oh boy, another match with these guys? They don’t have a lot of chemistry, folks.

Aiden English defeated Sami Zayn

Burials happen a lot, and we saw the burial of Sami Zayn once again occur on Smackdown. The WWE must not like Zayn, because he once again loses, and this time it’s to Aiden English, the singing dude. I don’t like English’s gimmick. I preferred the raucous noise that he was getting as part of the Vaudevillains, which worked. Oh well. This match was fast, and Zayn lost via roll up. Where’s Tye Dillinger, by the way? He was the perfect 10, after all.

Naomi and Becky Lynch defeated Carmella and Natalya

What a waste here. Sure, it was a little entertaining, but it was not great. The women got a few minutes to showcase their work, but it was really rushed, and in the end, the good guys win, and the bad guys lose. I mean girls.

Rusev defeated Chad Gable

Gable put on a good fight against Rusev, but Rusev is a wasted talent. He’s already lost to John Cena multiple times, and he’s scheduled to either get beaten down by Randy Orton or get a quick win, and then move onto I don’t know, nothing? Rusev sucks now, and while Gable had some nice highlights, he’s done now too.

Shinsuke Nakamura defeated John Cena

This was a surprise. Shinsuke won this match clean. But John Cena was obviously going half speed and there was miscommunication in the ring. Nakamura got a lot of his spots in, but Cena wasn’t selling that well, and it became painfully obvious that Nakamura was going over. When Cena is not going to win, he doesn’t sell as well, trying to make the other guy look dominant, and it doesn’t bode well for the match. This could’ve been great, but unfortunately, it’s going to be remembered for the fact that Nakamura dropped Cena on his neck, and that’s it.

Post match, exclusively, on Baron Corbin showed up and beat up Nakamura. He then got thrown through a table by John Cena.

Smackdown is not good, this was boring at times. It’s just a rushed, boring show that doesn’t utilize all of the talent that they have. Oh, but they did have the Usos mocking The New Day, so that was cool. Day One Ish and all that jazz.

WWE Monday Night Raw July 31, 2017 Results and Review The Backwards Showcase

Samoa Joe Looked Like A Chump - SRC 
I finally am sitting down to review the show, and despite the fact that I don’t have many readers, It was important for me to get through this one. Why? Because I need something to vent my displeasure with how WWE Raw went down this week. I saw the HULU version, but it felt like it was 9 hours long, and despite the fact that the feed only has a select amount of information in the 90 minutes, it didn’t feel shorter for some reason. With that in mind, let’s consider what went down, and how I felt about it, because this is a site where I discuss pro wrestling from WWE, and well that’s about it.

WWE Monday Night Raw July 31, 2017 Results and Review

From the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, there was NO ECW chants that I recall, meaning the crowd is definitely not what they used to be, that’s for sure.

Kurt Angle came out only to get interrupted by Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman. They said that they were going to quit if Lesnar lost at Summerslam. They aren’t going to lose, mind you.

The Hardy Boyz defeated The Club Sandwich Guys

Well, the Club are officially a bunch of nerds. They lose again, and while the Revival and the Club decided to try and beat up the Hardy’s they couldn’t get it done. Team Extreme once again buries the young talent, and that’s the end of that. I can only hope that they become broken.

Rich Swann, Cedric Alexander, and Akira Tozawa defeated TJP, Ariya Daivari, and Tony Nese

This was not on HULU

Jason Jordan on Miz TV

What a load of garbage. Jason Jordan gives an Angle Slam, I think, to the Miz into the Miztourage, and that was that. Jordan is not ready for this push.

Seth Rollins defeated Sheamus

This was a boring match, that led to Sheamus and Cesaro beating up Rollins. Dean Ambrose ran down to help him out. This made no sense. Ambrose said that he was going to go his own way, and Rollins would have to go his own way, but here he is saving the day for some reason. This makes absolutely no sense to me folks. Why would he do this? He shouldn’t care about Rollins, as it’s none of his business. But alas, he ran down, and the two tried to beat up the champions. This made no sense.

Finn Balor attacked Bray Wyatt

Bray Wyatt rambles on and on, and said that no one can beat him, etc. I don’t know who to cheer for here, the Wyatt character sucks, but you know what? Alex Wright 2.0 is worth checking out, so maybe he’ll do well in this feud.

Roman Reigns defeated Samoa Joe and Braun Strowman

Of course he did. I didn’t like this match at all, as Joe looked weak and so did Strowman. Strowman made quick work of Joe, and Reigns was able to get the big win after hitting Strowman with the steel steps. Joe really got booted here, from the start, making him look weak amidst the other guys. This should’ve been the main event, but alas, it wasn’t. This was a good television match, but man, I wish Joe didn’t look so much like a chump here.

Elias defeated Kalisto

This wasn’t shown on HULU

Bayley defeated Nia Jax via Count Out

This wasn’t shown on HULU

Big Cass defeated Big Show via Disqualification

This was a boring, terrible match. Big Cass has new boring music, Big Show got winded fast, and Enzo came out to try and beat up Cass, only to get booted and knocked out. Cass then got hit in the face with that knockout punch, and that was it. That’s your Raw.

This was a boring episode of Raw, with little to no action in my view. Yes, there were some good moments, like the Hardy’s getting the best of the other teams, and watching Rollins get beat up by Cesaro and Sheamus. However, nothing that happened on this show hyped me up for Summerslam, which is the main goal of Raw right now, right? Ugh, this was a boring, flat show with a lot of boring moments, including that terrible main event. Why would they put Cass and Show on last? It makes no sense. What a terrible night of pro wrestling, if you can call it that.

Friday, July 28, 2017

WWE Battleground 2017 Results and Review I Am Way Late Peeps

Holy Crap! - SRC

SRC - Singh Brothers Worked Their Ass Off Folks
I have to apologize for being so late this week in reviewing the PPV from the weekend. I had a few days off from watching wrestling after the show because it really made me question why I even watch any longer. It’s really that bad. This event was possibly one of the worst shows I’ve ever seen, but you already know that. I am not supposed to be drinking these days, as I’m on depression medication, but I had to get a New Castle to get through this one. Let’s discuss this showcase of well, entertainment, if you can call it that.

Aiden English defeated Tye Dillinger

I love Tye Dilllinger, but you’ll find he’s getting buried all the time. Remember the pop he got at the Royal Rumble? Well that’s gone. Aiden English won this match, and it was a hard hitting one. I was making a pizza when this started, but it wasn’t half bad. I liked it. English finally gets a win, but I miss the pop that Gotch and English got with Blue Pants in Nxt.

The New Day defeated The Usos

Perhaps the best match of the night, with a lot of fighting, kickouts, and great reversals. However, the New Day’s schtick is tired to me. This was a fun match, no doubt, and it’s the best match of the night.

Shinsuke Nakamura defeated Baron Corbin

Another boring match. These guys didn’t have chemistry together. It was really bad. Corbin loses with a low blow, done and done.

Natalya won a 5 way dance

This was a fast moving, elimination match. It was tired, and I didn’t understand the pacing or the results. It’s a terrible showing for the women, with the exception of Natalya and Becky Lynch.

Kevin Owens defeated Aj Styles

This was a boring match. I was shocked at how bored I was, and the failed finish was terrible.

Breezango gets beat down.

Um, ok.

John Cena defeated Rusev (Flag Match)

This was fun, but John Cena winning was so obvious. Rusev worked his ass off here, and I loved his intensity and look. But you knew that Cena was going to win.

Sami Zayn defeated Mike Kanellis

This was boring. I couldn’t believe it.

Jinder Mahal defeated Randy Orton in a Punjabi Prison Match

The Singh brothers were amazing here. I loved them, and hope one day to meet them. They took on some serious bumps. Much props to Orton too, he looked legitimately injured at one point. I also loved how he was giving it to Jinder at some points. Great Khali came out and wow, I popped huge, and then he helped Jinder, winning the match. Terrible match, but nice surprise at the end. Props to the Singh brothers, wow.

Overall, Battleground was bad. Really bad. But there were a few bright spots that make this not as terrible as some of the things I’ve sat through in my life as a wrestling fan.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

WWE Monday Night Raw July 17, 2017 Results and Review Quite Possibly The Worst

The Best Part of Raw Was The Drifter Knocking Out Finn Balor With A Guitar
Oh boy, Raw was getting a lot of attention in the media. People were going crazy on social media about the night, and whether or not Dixie Carter was going to be the reveal for Kurt Angle’s secret. I was excited until Angle spoke, and am still stunned at how bad this thing played out. Nothing that you thought it would be is what it was, and the rest of the card was, well absolutely dumb. Live from Nashville, Tn. Last night’s Monday Night Raw really pummeled the senses, and I could only stand the HULU version, because 3 hours of this nightmare was just too predictable at times, and awful at others. Let’s see how it went down in this HULU version review.

WWE Monday Night Raw July 17, 2017 Results and Review

Intercontinental Champion The Miz and The Miztourage confronted Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins

Dean Ambrose started the show and Seth Rollins came out. At one point Rollins asked Ambrose to hit him in the back with a chair, asking for the former Shield Member to forgive him for turning his back on the team. That’s when The Miz and his cronies showed up and the trio beat the holy crap out of Rollins and Ambrose. That would prompt for a handicap match for next week. But this week, The Miz and his buddies got the beat down on the two Shield guys.

I’m so tired of Ambrose and Rollins.

Bayley def. Raw Women's Champion Alexa Bliss

A short match, that was not revoluiontary at all. Bliss loses here, gets pinned cleaned thanks to a distraction outside. Sasha Banks ran down and beat up Nia Jax, distracting Bliss and getting Bayley the win. Banks and Bayley will wrestle next week to see who is the number one contender against Bliss for Summerslam. Doesn’t Banks get a rematch? I don’t know, not a bad match, but it was very short. Where are the other women on the roster? So much for that revolution.

Gentleman Jack Gallagher and Mustafa Ali def. The Brian Kendrick and Drew Gulak

This wasn’t on HULU.

Big Cass confronted Enzo Amore

Not On HULU.

Finn Bálor def. Elias Samson via Disqualification

I like Samson, and I like the drifter gimmick. Balor looked to be getting this one easily, but not so fast. Samson came roaring back with some great offense, and when he got frustrated, he hit Balor with a guitar shot that busted him wide open. Samsons guitar shot was 100 times harder than anything you’ve seen from Jeff Jarrett, and akin to the shot that The Honky Tonk Man hit Jake Roberts with in the past. It was hard, it cut Finn wide open, and it really made this point special.

Ariya Daivari def. Akira Tozawa via Match Stoppage

Not on HULU.

Raw General Manager Kurt Angle revealed his personal announcement

The worst segment ever. Kurt Angle is the father of one of American Alpha. I don’t care, you don’t care, this is absolutely the worst.

The Revival def. The Hardy Boyz

Not a bad match, The Hardy Boyz must become broken, they just have to. That Broken gimmick is one of the best things in the past decade, and this should send them down the spiral that will no doubt get them to start DELETING people. DELETE! DELETE! DELETE!

Roman Reigns vs. Samoa Joe ended in a No Contest

A strong match that I loved, until the ending. Brown Shoeman showed up and interfered, and while he got into the fray with Joe and Reigns, there was no real winner, which was dumb. I wish there was a definitive winner in this feud. Not only that, how did Brown Shoeman heal up so fast? I want whatever medical help he has, because it’s better than mine.

Final Raw Thoughts

Raw wasn’t a terrible show, but it was far from good. There was probably 2 good things that happened, and none of it featured a title. I don’t know why Raw is booked so loosely with so little wrestling, but that’s what we’re getting this year. Perhaps Smackdown will be more fun? I don’t know, I may not even watch it, who knows. As for Raw, I’m sure the live crowd had fun, but I didn’t have fun watching this. I immediately had to take a nap.

Reviewing The Punjabi Prison Matches of the Past and Predicting The Future

Batista vs. Great Khali Battled In One Hell of A Punjabi Prison Match
This Sunday at WWE Battleground Jinder Mahal and Randy Orton are going to be locked into a crazy match known as the Punjabi Prison match. The two will face off for the WWE Championship and while some fans may not remember the past matches, I remember them as I was not only an adult when they occurred, I was there live for one of them. I guess I’m old. Regardless, there were only two other times that this match took place, making the upcoming showdown the third time that the WWE has placed two competitors in this structure.

Ahead of this weekend’s matchup, I’ve decided to review the last two matches that occurred inside of this structure. Not only that, I’m going to predict the winner of the upcoming Punjabi Prison Match that will take place at WWE Battleground!

Not sure what a Punjabi Prison match is? Well, , discusses the rules, in case you don’t remember them. It’s a mix between a traditional cage match, a thunder dome cage match, and other cage structures. However, the façade is covered in bamboo looking elements, with spikes, presenting on cool visual for this epic fight. Now, onto the reviews!

The Undertaker defeated The Big Show in a Punjabi Prison Match
The Great American Bash 2006

The Great American Bash from 2006 was a pretty cool event, and while I didn’t cover it at the time due to PPV’s costing $49.99 each month, I saw it later. The ECW Champion at the time took on The Undertaker in the first ever Punjabi Prison Match. However, it wasn’t supposed to be The Big Show. The Great Khali was NOT medically cleared at the time, as he had elevated liver enzymes, and didn’t even come back to television for some time. The match was supposed to be Undertaker and Khali, since Khali had manhandled the Undertaker prior to this showdown.

The match itself was unique, with a lot of cool visuals on PPV, and of course The Undertaker still in his prime working the Big Show. Even though the two were big men at the time, there were some great hard-hitting shots, and some great drama in this 20-minute bout. The Undertaker would get the win, and further the feud between him and Khali. I know, odd as that sounds. Khali would eventually lose to the Undertaker in on great match later on Smackdown. However, Big Show got the “L” on this one.

Overall, the match is probably only a 3-star match. However, a 20-minute bout on a PPV that you don’t’ remember, isn’t half bad.

Batista defeated The Great Khali in a Punjabi Prison Match
No Mercy 2007

Ah, 2007, the year that I graduated college for the first time. This event was cost prohibited for me, unfortunately, but the show went on. Batista and The Great Khali were embroiled in a feud, with Batista claiming that he wasn’t afraid of the big man. The match was signed, and this match had a lot more memorable moments than the first Punjabi Prison match. In fact, if you remember, this match was only 15 minutes or so, but Batista was flying around the ring like a cruiserweight against Khali, and was earning his paycheck. Khali, even though he was lumbering, still put on a decent showing, but credit Batista for making this a memorable bout. Batista would get the win, but not without enduring some heavy blows from Khali. Personally, I don’t think Khali would’ve been able to match Batista’s athleticism in 2007, as the big man was starting to get some serious momentum in the WWE.

Overall, the match was about a 3-star match, simply because Khali was starting to get a little slow at this point.

Jinder Mahal vs. Randy Orton (WWE Championship, Punjabi Prison Match)
WWE Battleground 2017

And now, we go to the future! What will go down between Jinder Mahal and Randy Orton? Well, I’m going to have to agree with others like , and am going to say that Jinder Mahal is going to get the 1-up against Randy Orton. Why? Well, if you read my coverage of WWE Payback, I literally thanked Jinder Mahal for interfering in the House of Horrors match. Why? Because Randy Orton bores me, and he is literally phoning it in. Mahal may be a bit new, but he’s got a lot more mileage to go versus Orton at this point. Plus, The Singh brothers are going to no doubt going to find a way to help Mahal yet again, and even though Mahal may take a beating, he is going to get out of this match the winner. He may be beaten, and even bloody, but Mahal is going to survive, and Orton is going to get thrown into a feud with literally anyone else on Smackdown right now.

My prediction for the Punjabi Prison match? Jinder “The Maharaja” Mahal!


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